What the HECK Are They Saying?

Have you ever been playing dominoes with someone and always wondered what the HECK they were saying when they scored points? LOL

Well, wonder no more…


5 Points         

  • Nickel
  • Gimme a piece of crack
  • Nick-em but don’t cut-em
  • Fever in da funk house
  • Nick the Greek the bootie hole freak

10 Points       

  • Pay attention
  • Tennessee
  • Tennis shoe toddie, all feet and no body
  • Tin top, roof don’t leak
  • Beef tenderloin
  • ‘Tention!
  • Ten switchin’ bitches

15 Points       

  • Whip cream the ladies dream
  • 3 pieces of chicken, hold the roll
  • Marsha, Jan, Cindy, {Your Name} at the door
  • Three-eyed Ella, she does what I tella
  • Trees!

20 Points       

  • Dub sac
  • Tugboats (Raise arm above head at 90% and make a boat sound)
  • Boats in the harbor

25 Points       

  • Quarter spoon
  • A case, plus one

30 Points       

  • Dirty thirty
35 Points       
  • ACTION:  Just break the table and buy the guppie you’re playing a new table!
  • ACTION:  Dead Man Slam, Earthquake (Shake the table first!)


  • Hey Mike! Great comments! LOL I greatly appreciate your feedback! I’ll add those to my list! LOL

  • Man…Great post.

    We say:
    “Twen-Twen” for 20 points.

    20 points scored with the Big 6 and Big 4 is an “Eazy-E”

    Whenever points are scored in an unusual way we call it “(points) the hard way”

    “Bonin’ in the Boneyard” (after the Fishbone song) or “digging” when someone is sent to the boneyard as in “Start digging”

    “Ordered up a Rib Platter” or “Ribs” when someone “digs” a lot of bones. If they get stuck with them they “Ate a bunch of ribs” as in, “player X made me eat a bunch of ribs last night.”

    “Staying alive” when every time you hit the boneyard you come up with points…“I was bonin in the boneyard, but I kept staying alive”

    That’s all I can think of right now.


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