What the HECK Are They Saying?






If you've ever played dominoes with some SERIOUS domino players, you've probably heard some pretty CRAZY slang when somebody scores five or more points ~ in multiples of five, of course!

So, just in case you've always wanted to know exactly what some of that slang is and what it actually means in relation to the number of points scored, I've compiled a list, though not comprehensive by ANY means. For those of you who would like to share some of your slang or slang you've heard, you can send it to me at contact@big6bones.com, and I will update the blog!

Here goes...


  • Nickel
  • Gimme a piece of crack
  • Nick-em but don't cut-em
  • Fever in da funk house
  • Nick the Greek the bootie hole freak


  • Pay attention
  • Tennessee
  • Tennis shoe toddie, all feet and no body
  • Tin top, roof don't leak
  • Beef tenderloin
  • 'Tention!
  • Ten switchin' bitches


  • Whip cream the ladies dream
  • 3 pieces of chicken, hold the roll
  • Marsha, Jan, Cindy, {Your Name} at the door
  • Three-eyed Ella, she does what I tella
  • Trees!


  • Dub sac
  • Tugboats (Raise arm above head at 90% and make a boat sound!)
  • Boats in the harbor


  • Quarter spoon
  • A case, plus one


  • Dirty thirty


  • ACTION: Just break the table and buy the guppie you're playing a new table!
  • ACTION: Dead Man Slam, Earthquake (Shake the table first!)

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